Paluma Rainforest

Gumburu Environmental Education Centre

1 Short Road Paluma

Gumburu means 'misty place' in the language of the local Nywaigi people.

Paluma is a mountain-top village nestled in the heart of World-Heritage listed rainforest, at an altitude of 1000m.

Access to Paluma is via the Bruce Highway, heading north from the city of Townsville.

The Paluma turn-off is approximately 67 kilometres north of Townsville. The Paluma village is located approximately 18 kilometres from the highway turn-off, via a mountainous range.

The drive up the mountain offers panoramic views of the coast and glorious rainforest canopies - providing a sense of "escape" or "retreat" into the rainforest.

Although the drive is not difficult, caution must be exercised given the nature of the winding mountain roads.


Centre manager: Mr Tony O'Connor

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