Catering is done in-house by Gumburu staff. Self catering or part catering is not available. This information sheet and menu is designed to help make the catering part of your Gumburu experience as easy as possible.

What to do

  • Contact the Catering Supervisor on 4770 8580 if you have any special diets, (medical, religious, vegetarian, allergies) or require catering that is not currently on the menu. The menu provided is a sample menu only. PLEASE ASK!!! (Special diets may incur a 10% surcharge.)
  • Email the completed menu to Part catering is not available. This should be done at least one week prior to your arrival at Paluma and the number that you nominate for catering will be the minimum number you will be charged for. (minimum group size is 20 persons). Please contact the catering staff if there are late inclusions to be catered for.
  • Payment for catering will be invoiced with your accommodation billing.

Note: If you are wanting to celebrate a birthday or special occasion and require a cake, please let me know. There is usually no extra charge as this will be included as a morning or afternoon tea. There is no charge if you wish to bring your own cake.



Centre manager: Mr Tony O'Connor

Short Road
Paluma QLD 4816

Kitchen: (07) 4770 8581

P: (07) 4770 8580
F: (07) 4770 8582